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DANIEL is a hotshot filmmaker breaking into the scene of what some call "New Hollywood" in Arkansas. He's only completely finished one film, but that one film is really good. Like...REALLY really good. Of course, subsequent films are in process, and whew boy, they are going to be HOT.

When he's not being hailed as "Scorcese's Successor", Daniel spends time with family, plays video games, mines for memes, and now, shares his opinion with the internet in podcast form. Since joining that ever growing market, one anonymous source has been quoted to say, "Now THIS is podcasting."


DONAVON is a filmmaker in the central Arkansas area that has worked on over seventy films in various roles, above and below the line. He is currently a producer at a marketing agency in Little Rock, AR. 


His passion lies in directing, writing, and cinematography and hopes to one day tackle one of his "Big Three": Marvel, DC and of course, Star Wars. When he's not on set or dodging Daniel's abusement, he's working hard on this channel, his various screenplays, novels, and even comic book ideas. He's a busy man. 

He believes life should have the same thing every movie should have. Heart. Humor. And Spectacle.

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